Pet Care Resources TTA & TPLO Home Recovery Guide


TTA & TPLO Home Recovery Guide

TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) and TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteomy) are procedures performed to treat ruptured cranial cruciate ligaments in dogs. Whether your dog has had a TTA or TPLO procedure performed at MedVet, the same steps for home care following the surgery are required to ensure a successful outcome. This care primarily entails management of your dog’s activity. Your dog does not understand the nature of his/her surgery, and will by nature want to become very active shortly after your surgeon performs the procedure.

Restricting activity is extremely important. This generally means confinement to a crate/cage/small room, no jumping, no running, no stairs, no “rough housing,” and no playing with other dogs until recovery is well advanced. When taken outdoors to urinate or defecate, your dog MUST be on a short leash. This degree of confinement must be continued for the entire recovery period except when performing the activities described in the guide. Excessive activity may result in re-injury and/or complications that could result in failure of implants or requiring another operation. This will lead to additional discomfort for your dog and additional cost to you.

The MedVet surgery team developed this booklet to serve as a guide during your pet’s crucial post-operative healing period.

By MedVet |
May 16, 2023