Specialties Neurology & Neurosurgery

Veterinary Neurologist & Neurosurgery

The nervous system (brain, spinal cord, muscle, and nerves) affects many of your pet’s basic functions, like their behavior, breathing, walking, standing, and balance. These functions can be impacted by injuries, congenital defects, immune system disorders, infections, cancer, metabolic diseases, or age-related disorders. When this occurs, your pet may benefit from a veterinary neurologist specializing in the care and treatment of their complex nervous system.

Why Choose MedVet Neurology & Neurosurgery

MedVet’s specialized neurology and neurosurgery team is dedicated to ensuring that your pet receives only the most advanced and comprehensive veterinary neurology and neurosurgery care. We work closely with your family veterinarian to develop an individualized treatment plan for your pet to optimize their neurologic health and quality of life.

In our state-of-the-art facilities, your pet receives the most advanced therapies and procedures available from a team who is consistently at the forefront of neurology medicine, research, and technology. Our doctors have led original independent studies and are strong contributors to national and international clinical studies for dogs and cats with neurological issues. This experience and expertise make us a preferred partner for many family veterinarians.

  • Arachnoid diverticuli (intracranial and spinal)
  • Brain malformations (e.g. hydrocephalus)
  • Brain tumors
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Discospondylitis (infected intervertebral discs)
  • Epilepsy/seizures
  • Fibrocartilagenous emboli
  • Head trauma
  • Intervertebral disk disease (IVDD)
  • Meningitis, encephalitis, myelitis (infectious and autoimmune)
  • Metabolic disorders (i.e. inborn errors of metabolism affecting the brain and/or spinal cord)
  • Movement and balance disorders
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Strokes (cerebrovascular accidents)
  • Vertebral malformations and associated spinal stenosis

Neurology & Neurosurgery Services

  • Brain tumor diagnosis and treatment options
  • Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) collection and analysis
  • Computerized tomographic (CT) scans and evaluations
  • Electrodiagnostic testing, including electromyography (EMG), nerve conduction testing (NCV)
  • Epilepsy and seizure disorder testing, treatment, and monitoring
  • Hearing testing with BAER testing
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans
  • Meningitis diagnosis and treatment
  • Movement and balance disorder treatment including vestibular disease
  • Neurologic examination
  • Syringomyelia/craniocervical junction abnormality testing and treatment
  • And more

  • Brain tumor/spinal tumor removal, biopsy
  • Cervical spinal decompression for stenosis in giant breed dogs
  • Cervical vertebral distraction-fusion surgery with implant placement for Wobbler’s disease
  • Intervertebral disk disease (IVDD) surgery (hemilaminectomy, dorsal laminectomy, ventral slot surgery)
  • Lumbosacral dorsal decompressive laminectomy, implant placement
  • Muscle and nerve biopsies
  • Skull fracture repairs
  • Spinal fracture repair
  • Spinal stabilization surgery
  • Syringomyelia/foramen magnum decompression surgery
  • Ventriculoperitoneal shunt placement for hydrocephalus
  • And more

Not all services are available in every hospital. Contact your local MedVet for services for that location.