A pet’s emergency or specialty health concerns can be an emotional experience. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. You can also contact us directly at any time.

General FAQs

MedVet does not provide general wellness care such as vaccinations, annual examinations, nail trims, or neuter/spay surgeries. We serve as an extension of your family veterinarian’s practice, providing emergency and/or specialty services for your pet.

Patients are seen in order of their medical needs, not necessarily in the order of arrival. There may be a delay in your pet’s visit with a MedVet doctor if another pet has been assessed with having a more critical need for receiving treatment. Rest assured that your pet will receive the same special attention as more critical patients.

Also know that our specialty patients are seen by appointment so you may notice pets being called back who have pre-scheduled times to be seen by a specialty department.

Just as you may experience waiting time when seeing a human physician, there can be a wait to see one of our veterinarians. If you experience a delay, our doctors are most likely needed by a more critically ill patient. They will attend to you and your pet as soon as possible. Please let a member of our client service team know if time is a concern or if there is something we can do to make you more comfortable while you wait.

If you have found injured wildlife, please contact the appropriate rehabilitation organization directly. Our hospitals do not have licensed wildlife rehabilitators. Injured wildlife should only be treated by licensed wildlife rehabilitators.

For many states, it is illegal to provide medical advice for a patient for whom no physical exam has been given. In addition, it is not in the best interest of your pet to have treatment recommended without a physical exam. If your pet has never been seen by one of our doctors or if there has been an extended amount of time since their last exam, you will be asked to bring your pet to MedVet for a physical exam before we can make any treatment recommendations. It is truly in your pet’s best interest that we adhere to this policy.

We schedule appointments to ensure that our care team can accommodate your visit at a time that does not interrupt the treatment schedule of patients in our hospital. While hospitalized, pets have a specific treatment schedule outlined by our veterinary specialists and emergency doctors. It is important for your pet’s optimal recovery that all treatments are performed in a timely manner.

Regarding your pet’s release from our hospital, we respect your time and often our clients have questions. Scheduling an appointment for your pet’s discharge (release) is the best option for ensuring we can give you our full attention, properly address your questions and concerns, and have all necessary materials and/or medications ready for you to take home.

Payment FAQs

Payments are made in full to ensure that our hospital maintains proper supplies and is prepared to provide the best emergency and specialty care veterinary medicine has to offer for the next pet’s emergency.

If finances are a concern, please discuss this with a Client Service Representative. They can assist you with applying for financing with a third-party financial provider.

What financial resources are available?

  • CareCredit offers a line of credit for families facing unexpected veterinary care expenses. Apply through the CareCredit website. You will find a variety of repayment and interest options for your consideration.
  • Check with your bank to see if a line of credit may be available.
  • Speak with your family veterinarian as they may have recommendations, such as a Foundation or other resource.
  • Some local humane societies provide examinations and treatment at a discount, based on household income. Contact your local organization for more information.
  • Several organizations offer financial support for veterinary expenses that you can find via an online search. Please note, organizations have their own criteria for funding so carefully research each website to determine the best option for your family.

Many states have laws preventing a veterinarian from prescribing medication, diagnosing, or treating a patient for whom they have not performed a physical exam. Even though your family veterinarian performed a physical exam, made a diagnosis, and suggested a treatment plan for your pet, MedVet’s veterinarians are legally required to perform a physical exam on your pet.

The care plan for your pet is an estimate of the treatment costs and cannot allow for every possible scenario. Our plans are intentionally broad and are provided as a courtesy to help you prepare for the most likely financial range. If finances are a concern, please ask a Client Service Representative for updates on your account balance.

To be properly prepared to provide advanced veterinary and specialty treatments for your pet, we require that an initial payment is paid toward your pet’s care. A detailed explanation of your pet’s care and treatments will be provided to you prior to the request for initial payment. If your payment exceeds the cost of care provided, the remaining portion will be refunded to you.

You have the right to decline any services or treatment we offer; please be aware that if you do decline any treatments, legally, we are required to have you sign a waiver.

If finances are a concern, please discuss this with a Client Service Representative so that we may assist you with applying for financing with a third-party financial provider.

Pet insurance can help ease the financial burden when the unexpected happens or an advanced illness requires specialty veterinary treatment.

There are numerous options available with a wide variety of monthly premiums. Pet insurance can be a great investment to plan for your pet’s potential health care needs throughout his/her lifetime. Just search for “pet health insurance” online to find available carriers or ask your family veterinarian for suggestions.