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MedVet Mahoning Valley Transitions to Urgent Care Facility to Better Serve Pets in the Mahoning Valley and Surrounding Community

November 24, 2021

MedVet has transitioned the MedVet Mahoning Valley location from an overnight and weekends emergency hospital to an Urgent Care as of Sunday, Nov. 21, 2021. The hospital will be open from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm, 365 days a year, including holidays.

“We are committed to supporting pets and their loving families in the Mahoning Valley area and want to help them access quality care at the times they need it most,” said Dr. Jeff Brourman, MedVet’s Chief Growth Officer. “There’s an unmet need for care during more traditional, daytime hours as opposed to overnights. By converting a hospital that was only available nights and weekends to being available during peak times, we can better meet the needs of more pet owners, and our local veterinary community.”

Urgent Care offers patients a skillful evaluation of those unexpected, non-critical, non-life-threatening conditions such as allergies, bite wounds, diarrhea, ear infections, limping, lumps and bumps, toenail injuries, upper respiratory infections, urinary tract problems, vomiting, and more.

MedVet leaders believe helping their patients get in, get out, and get better more quickly in the Urgent Care will help address an ongoing trend that is being felt across the veterinary profession; namely, higher volumes and longer wait times. These circumstances are a continuing challenge for concerned pet owners and the veterinary professionals who are working tirelessly to provide care. MedVet Mahoning Valley is the second Urgent Care facility for MedVet with plans to open more locations in the next year.

“Opening an Urgent Care facility is one of the ways we are working to reduce wait times – making sure we deliver on our promise: providing exceptional care and service every day, every time, to everyone,” said Dr. Jim Vogt, MedVet Mahoning Valley’s Medical Director. “The same team that has been caring for pets at MedVet Mahoning Valley remains in place, providing the exceptional, well-coordinated care our patients and referral partners have come to rely upon.”

MedVet continues to serve family veterinarians in the area as an extension of the care they provide, creating a continuum of care supporting better patient outcomes. Pet owners should first contact their family veterinarian to determine if their pet can be seen and should continue to visit their family veterinarian for wellness and preventive care (such as vaccinations). MedVet Urgent Care provides care for patients who cannot be seen by their family veterinarian or who need the next level of care. The Mahoning Valley caregiver team will stabilize pets needing more advanced care for transport to MedVet Akron, MedVet Cleveland West, or MedVet Pittsburgh. These three nearby MedVet locations continue to provide 24/7 emergency, critical, and specialty care for life-threatening and advanced needs.

MedVet Urgent Care is located at 2680 W. Liberty St., Girard, Ohio, 44420. Pet owners can contact the facility at 330.530.8387 with any questions during operating hours.


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