News MedVet Announces Caregiver Appreciation Bonus for Long-Term Caregivers
October 6, 2022

MedVet Announces Caregiver Appreciation Bonus for Long-Term Caregivers

MedVet announces a new Caregiver Appreciation Bonus to thank their employees (caregivers) who are choosing to build a long-term career with the organization. The program recognizes and rewards the dedication of eligible full- and part-time, non-doctor caregivers through a monetary bonus corresponding to each five-year anniversary of service as of June 30 on an annual basis.

A full-time caregiver reaching five years of service is awarded a $5,000 bonus, 10 years receives a $10,000 bonus, and so on for every five years throughout the individual’s career. Part-time team members are eligible to receive half these bonus amounts. The first group of 130 caregivers received an appreciation bonus on September 30, 2022.

With the launch of the program, MedVet also issued a one-time special appreciation bonus to 355 additional caregivers not hitting a five-year milestone but who have been with the organization more than five years. Individuals received up to $10,000 based on their time with the organization and full- or part-time status.

In total, MedVet distributed appreciation bonuses to 485 caregivers, representing roughly 20% of their team.

“MedVet has an incredible team of caregivers. We could not be happier to recognize these individuals for their longstanding commitment and dedication to our patients, clients, referral partners, and each other. Since announcing the new appreciation bonus, many of our long-tenured technicians, vet assistants, client service representatives, and other team members have shared how valued and appreciated this bonus makes them feel – and that was exactly the goal,” said Dr. Linda Lehmkuhl, MedVet’s CEO.

The Caregiver Appreciation Bonus is the latest in a series of investments demonstrating MedVet’s commitment to providing a supportive and rewarding Caregiver Experience. Earlier this year, the organization released updates to their Clinical Services Career Framework, providing caregivers clarity on the many ways to grow their careers. They also restructured pay ranges to bolster compensation and benefits for credentialed technicians, assistants, and client service representatives.

The Caregiver Appreciation Bonus is the second program made possible by MedVet’s veterinarian owned and led structure. Like the Employee Relief Fund, which was launched in 2020 to assist caregivers experiencing unplanned financial hardship, the caregiver appreciation bonuses are fully funded by the organization’s shareholders who care deeply for their team.

“Being veterinarian owned and led means our shareholders not only know what it takes to deliver exceptional care and service, but also work alongside these individuals daily. We recognize the importance of our caregivers on the frontlines of healthcare delivery, as well as the invaluable work of our support services team members working behind the scenes. The caregiver appreciation bonus is yet another way we show our team how much they mean to us and how much we appreciate them,” added Dr. Lehmkuhl.


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