News MedVet Surgeons Administering Groundbreaking Elbow Arthritis Treatment Giving Dogs Long-Lasting Pain Relief
February 14, 2024

MedVet Surgeons Administering Groundbreaking Elbow Arthritis Treatment Giving Dogs Long-Lasting Pain Relief

Dogs suffering from pain, lameness, and reduced activity due to elbow arthritis can now find convenient, long-lasting relief thanks to a game-changing new treatment offered at MedVet hospitals across the country.

According to the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, nearly 25% of US dogs suffer from osteoarthritis, causing pain, lameness, limping, limited movement, and a poor quality of life. Many current treatments require daily administration and only provide short-term relief without addressing the root cause of the pain.

Synovetin OA® is a single, targeted, non-systemic treatment that dramatically reduces inflammation at its source, relieving pain and improving mobility in dogs for up to one full year. Synovetin OA is currently offered at MedVet Cincinnati, MedVet Columbus, MedVet Jupiter, MedVet Mandeville, MedVet Northern Utah, and MedVet Norwalk, with more locations expected this year.

“MedVet is often one of the first or only locations licensed to offer this procedure in many of the communities we serve. We’re very excited to offer this completely new approach to care for our canine patients. This outpatient procedure can dramatically increase a dog’s comfort, mobility, and quality of life,” says Dr. Meredith Miller, MedVet Norwalk Medical Director.

According to Dr. Bob Menardi, Chief Veterinary Officer for Exubrion Therapeutics, maker of Synovetin OA, “It treats inflammation and pain right where it happens instead of going throughout the dog like daily drugs, where you could have potential side effects. In clinical trials, up to 90% of dogs had reduced pain and improved mobility. Some patients report they can decrease or even stop giving pain pills after treatment.”

This treatment can only be given by veterinarians at hospitals licensed in nuclear medicine. Temporary discomfort in the treated elbow of some dogs has been reported. Pet owners are provided instructions to moderate proximity to the treated joint for a short period of time following treatment. For more information, talk with your veterinarian or visit

If you have a dog that is experiencing elbow arthritis, they may be a candidate for this life-changing procedure. You can ask your family veterinarian for a referral or contact MedVet directly to schedule an appointment.