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Cody Mannino, DVM

Emergency Medicine Veterinarian, Medical Director

Cody Mannino, DVM, is an Emergency Medicine Veterinarian at MedVet New Orleans. She is also the Medical Director for MedVet New Orleans and has been part of the medical team since 2016.

Dr. Mannino began her time at MedVet as a rotating intern, but officially joined the medical team in 2017. Dr. Mannino is an alumna of the University of Southern Mississippi where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences before going on to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. In addition to her clinical endeavors, Dr. Mannino maintains an active membership in several professional veterinary organizations, including the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society.

While Dr. Cody Mannino is skilled in all aspects of veterinary emergency medicine, she is particularly passionate about treating trauma and shock cases, as well as neurologic diseases. Dr. Mannino’s favorite part of being a veterinarian is being able to offer pet owners a kind, compassionate, and understanding ear, as well as guidance through the stressful time of having a sick or injured pet.

When not caring for patients, Dr. Mannino loves listening to music, watching movies and musical theater, jogging, hanging out with her pups, and enjoying a good home cooked meal.

Bachelor of Science: University of Southern Mississippi

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine

Rotating Internship: MedVet Mandevile and MedVet New Orleans

American Veterinary Medical Association

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society