Pet Care Resources Cataract Surgery for Your Pet – Video


Cataract Surgery for Your Pet – Video

Cataracts are any opacity of the lens or its surrounding capsule. This results in a gray or white appearance to the center of the eye, visible through the pupil. It is common for both eyes to be impacted by cataracts, but not necessarily at the same time. Cataracts are a very common eye disease in pets of all ages, and can be due to various causes. The most common causes include diabetes, inherited or genetic cataracts, age, intraocular inflammation, trauma, and exposure to chemicals.

Cataract surgery is the only way to remove cataracts and restore vision. The cataract is removed using the same technology as human cataract surgery. This is called phacoemulsification. After the cataract is completely removed, an artificial lens is replaced to restore normal vision.

By MedVet |
May 16, 2023