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Cat Miliary Dermatitis: Causes and Treatment

cat with miliary dermatitis

Cat miliary dermatitis is a cutaneous reaction pattern, unique to cats. It is characterized by papules (tiny pimples) which are most commonly crusted. Owners can feel these lesions while petting their cats and often describe their pets as “bumpy and crusty.” Miliary dermatitis is not a disease but merely a clinical sign of some other problem. There are multiple causes of miliary dermatitis, the most common are flea allergy, food allergy, and atopic disease. Treatment will depend on what disorder is responsible for the miliary dermatitis. It is often helpful to consult with a veterinary dermatologist to help determine the underlying cause of and formulate a plan for treatment of the “bumpy, crusty” cat.

If you have a cat suffering from miliary dermatitis, contact a dermatologist at your nearest MedVet.

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By Lauren R. Pinchbeck DVM, MS, DACVD |
January 18, 2022